Institute Utrip successfully establishes a high quality and effective prevention programmes in Slovenia (especially in schools and families), and you can help them too in this process. On our website you can find almost all descriptions of programmes and projects that we manage or we are involved, in one way or another, as partner organisation.

With your contribution it will be much easier to continue with our mission and we won’t be so dependent on public funds.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!


Imetnik računa (Account Holder): Inštitut za raziskave in razvoj »Utrip« (Institute for Research and Development »Utrip«)
Naslov (Address): Trubarjeva cesta 13, 1290 Grosuplje (Slovenia)
TRR (IBAN): SI56 3400 0101 5776 313
Banka (Bank): Banka Sparkasse d.d., Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Namen (Details): Donacija (Donation)


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