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Training for the implementation of the Take Care selective prevention programme

During the week of 7-11 April, the second phase of the Prevention Platform project, the Take Care Selective Prevention Programme, was trained at the Lev Hotel. The training was conducted for representatives of NGOs by Breda Lukavečki Družovec and Karin Mlakar from the NIJZ Maribor, who had previously participated in the pilot implementation of the European project.

The Take Care programme is designed to be multidimensional, involving different target groups (adolescents, parents, significant adults and alcohol sellers) and trying to influence different segments of society at the same time.

The project includes or combines some of the newer methods of work (motivational interviewing, training, "street work", "homeparty" or "debate party"), which are carried out at the home of one of the parents by prior arrangement. It is a professionally facilitated small group discussion that helps parents to develop a clear and responsible attitude and response to their children's alcohol use. Training for sellers of alcoholic beverages is also provided.

The programme has shown positive results on the target groups, both in terms of process evaluation and impact evaluation, and we believe that the programme should be rolled out nationwide.

More information about the programme and the training will follow in the April issue of the bulletin, which will be published on