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A clear and firm NO to alcohol and drugs at this year's Street Prom Quartet

Dear Sir or Madam,

Below you will find the content of the declaration unanimously adopted today by the undersigned NGOs:

Three NGOs working in the field of reducing the risky and harmful use of alcohol and illicit drugs support the traditional 'Prom Quartets' project, which will take place this year in most Slovenian cities on Friday, 21 May, at 12 noon. We think it is a great idea and a beautiful event, but unfortunately in recent years it has been too often associated with excessive alcohol consumption and the use of other psychoactive substances.

In order to make the memory of this special day as beautiful as possible, and not blurred or even tainted by the accident, we urge all participating students to completely abstain from alcohol and illegal drugs on this solemn occasion.

We hope that retailers, 'party' organisers and caterers will not make as much money from the sale of alcoholic beverages at your expense this time as they hope and as has been the practice in recent years. You, the school leavers, can help by resisting this very deliberate 'attack on your pockets'!

The decision to give up alcohol and drugs is yours, but we would like to see a strong majority of graduates supporting us in this call. We also expect the cooperation of all organisers, educators, parents, relevant government institutions, local communities, the media and the general public.

We believe that a beautiful and playful, but at the same time dignified, end of secondary school is in the common interest of all of us, so please join our call for a clear and firm NO to alcohol and illegal drugs at this year's Street Prom Quartet!

Make your own choices, be INDEPENDENT, feel the true ENJOYMENT of a party without alcohol and other harmful substances, and generally follow the principle of HEAD ON FUN!

'Utrip' Institute for Research and Development(

Institute 7(

Head for Fun Foundation(

More: Prom Quartet Appeal.doc