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Press Release: Self-regulation by the alcohol industry proven not to work

Ljubljana, 25 April 2012

Last week, the major alcoholic beverage producers, together with the World Federation of Advertising, launched the so-called "The Responsible Marketing Pact", which gives an important role to self-regulation. This means that the alcohol and advertising industries will set their own ethical or unethical standards of practice in this area and will police themselves.

Alcohol policy NGOs, on the other hand, are warning politicians and policy makers at European and national level of the need for significantly stricter measures or additional measures that would significantly restrict or even ban the marketing of alcoholic beverages. At the same time, we call on the European Commission and EU Member State representatives not to succumb to such cheap approaches from the alcohol industry, especially not in the context of the preparation of the new European Alcohol Strategy 2013-2012 or future national alcohol policies.

More at: UTRIP_Publicity_Notice_2012_apr25.doc